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6dF Galaxy Survey Database - Final Data Release (DR3)

These pages provide on-line access to the public database built around the 6dF Galaxy Survey.

The third and final data release for the 6dF Galaxy Survey (6dFGS DR3) was made 1st April 2009 and is accessible through this site. The survey comprises 110,256 unique and reliable redshifts and holds 136,304 spectra.

This final data release supercedes earlier intermediate releases, including the Early Data Release (EDR) of December 2002, the First Data Release (DR1) of March 2004, and the Second Data Releases (DR2) of May 2005. NOTE: the specIDs held in the database have changed from previous releases.

How to acknowledge the 6dF Galaxy Survey:

Any use of these data should explicitly state that they come from the Final Release of 6dFGS and cite both the 6dGS DR3 paper (Jones et al 2009) as well as the original 6dFGS survey paper (Jones et al 2004, MNRAS 355, 747).

The 2004 paper remains the most comprehensive description of the survey but the 2009 paper details many important subsequent developments and changes. Users are strongly urged to consult both papers. A complete list of 6dFGS publications is also available.

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